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Open Access Telecom supply domestic and international premium rate phone numbers.

Domestic premium rate lines

These lines can have per minute and drop charge options.  They are strictly regulated, usually can only be dialled from within that country.  The UK regulator is called PhonePayPlus, in France its ARCEP, in Ireland its Regtel or comreg and in the Netherlands it’s called Opta.

Mobile phone numbers

In the case of the UK they are not usually owned by main Telco’s, just by smaller companies.  The African and other mobile numbers are owned by some big companies.  But they don’t get terminated anywhere near a mobile they come to our VOIP platform.

Fixed line numbers billed at higher rate

These could include rural locations or remote islands.  It’s often the case many providers don’t know how to bill these rare number ranges. A good example of this is Chile.
Domestic no geographical numbers like 0844, 0843, 0871 and 0872.  Can usually only be dialled from within that country but not always.  Regulated by PhonePayPlus in the UK

Directory numbers

In the UK they start with 118 and are strictly regulated.  They are usually very expensive to call and can be drop charge, pay per minute or a combination of the two.

Pager numbers

In the UK they start 076. They are usually drop charge.  They are not to be confused with IOM mobile numbers which also can start 076 or +4476xxx.

Personal numbers

070 in the UK, sometimes per minute sometimes drop charge

Satellite numbers

Emsat, Globalstar, International Networks, Iridium, Universal and Inmarsat all are Satellite phone providers.  Open access telecom can supply revenue generating numbers owned by these Telco’s.

International premium rate service

These usually involve higher rate fixed line numbers like Chile Rural

Premium number business

By offering content and services you can build a business where the revenues are generated by premium rate numbers.  You could also consider re selling Open Access Telecoms numbers, within your own VOIP re-seller panel. Get you own domain name and test numbers.

Premium telephone numbers

Different countries have different regulators that deal with premium telephone numbers. The fines from regulators for misuse of domestic premium rate telephone numbers can be very high.  Some phone lines can get fines of tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds.

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